Concerned by Negative reports about Fluoride in the water?
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The media sometimes publishes stories which claim fluoride can be harmful. In some extreme cases it can be, but you need to read more about it to know the truth.

Some new guidelines that drastically change the recommendations for proper use of toothpaste can be found at the following website:

There are also conflicting reports in the media (including mis-information on television programs like Dr.Oz) as discussed in this press release. Dr. Oz reportedly had a guest expert that stated "too much toothpaste can cause fluorosis (spotty teeth)" but this only applies to young children, and only if they swallow the toothpaste.

We have found a comprehensive report by an expert in the field on the topic of Fluoride safety that should be read by every parent. While fluoride risks and benefits need to be considered for all age groups it is particularly important to know the safe exposure limits of pre-school children.

Just as vaccinations have saved thousands of lives, the use of fluoride in many forms has reduced dental decay and helped cut down patient's dental bills. In fact there is an even greater need for the proper use of fluoride in certain high risk groups ( see information about "Acid Mouth") discussed at the website It is shocking that certain risk groups still do not understand that most of the damage that occurs to their teeth can be prevented with some very simple steps and regular dental care.

We may have a few suggestions that are relatively unknown even to the average dental practitioner. If you are terrified about the risk of being exposed to fluoride and feel the government is trying to poison you against your will it's unlikely that we will be able to change your mind. If you are on the fence about the issue we encourage you to read all the information on this site prior to writing letters to the editor or calling your city counselors.

If you are overdue for a dental visit or have questions about fluoride safety contact your local dentist for an appointment

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